The company’s healthcare division is in charge of pharmaceutical operations. Committed to the Introduction of new drugs and promotion of rational drug use, it is devoted in the marketing and promotion for small and medium size oversea drug manufacturing enterprises in china mainland.

We’ve built close relations with major hospitals and chain pharmacies in first-tier cities with our pharmaceuticals business covering the entire drug supply chain all over the nation. Our main businesses include national distribution of products with national exclusive right, regional sales to local hospitals, marketing and distributor management for products with national exclusive right and other multiple value-added services such as registration, import agency, bounded warehousing and contracted distribution.

In the realm of sole agency, we have successfully planted a combination on the business strategy of high-end academic brand, commercialized distribution with regional agent recruit. As to import distribution, we have also established a nation-wide network under the unique advantage of Sinopharm-FTZ distribution center thus strive to build up a distribution platform in northern china.