National Distribution

We provide distribution and logistics services of high quality to many well-known international pharmaceutical manufacturers. In China, we offer a variety of services, including import, bonded warehousing, drug storage, delivery and distribution.

As a partner, the national exclusive franchiser and the first-tier distributor of many international pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, we ensure our services with a direct coverage of over 200 hospitals, and close cooperative relationship with more than 200 sub-distributors for smooth distribution channels. For the management of national distribution, we have a complete and standard system of business operation processes. From product introduction, pricing filing, procurement tenders, market development, to governmental affairs and sales data analysis, the most professional services are always what we offer to our customers.

6+1 Golden Channel Standards

  • Complete coverage of the target market and extendable to non-target market
  • Accurate and timely distribution data to tier 1 and 2 distributors in proper format (E-version)
  • Pricing maintenance and governmental affairs
  • Cooperating with suppliers in tenders
  • Support to clinical penetration and promotion
  • Necessary coverage or purchase convenience for end-users
  • Competition information collection and feedback