Bond & Logistics

GSP Warehousing Services

The company has a GSP warehouse with the area of 1500 m2, including a normal temperature zone of 820 m2, a cooling zone of 432 m2 and a freezing zone of 580 m2. According to the GSP standard for drug management, the warehouse is divided into inspection zone, zone for qualified goods, zone for disqualified goods and zone for returned goods. It also has separate storerooms for psychotropic drugs of category II, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), TCM decoction pieces, anabolic agents & peptide hormone drugs and APIs.

The zone area is flat, free of water and weed, no polluting sources, with roof over loading area. The store area is clean and spacious; the surface of walls and roof is smooth with seamless ground and tightly-structured doors and windows. The warehouse is equipped with shading, ventilation and drainage system, equipment for anti-dust, anti-wet, anti-mold, anti-pollution and pest, rat and bird control, as well as lighting and fire-fighting equipment in accordance with safety requirements.