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Sinopharm Foreign Trade Supports Fight against Ebola


In April, 2014, the deadly pandemic Ebola broke out in West Africa and has since killed over 5,000 people. At the critical moment, the Chinese government reaches its hand to African people without any hesitation and provides successive aids for the fight against Ebola in forms of medical supplies and disease control experts to those Ebola-affected countries.

On October 19, China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation (Sinopharm Foreign Trade), a subsidiary of Sinopharm, won the tender of anti-Ebola medical supplies initiated by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) due to its rich experience and strong sense of social responsibility. Appointed by MOC, Sinopharm Foreign Trade was to execute the aid project of the Chinese government and finish the shipment of the medical supplies to the Republic of Cango, Togo and Senegal by November 2, 2014.

The donated medical supplies include protective suits, respirators, medical gloves, safety glasses, etc. The large demand and shortage of goods in stock required immediate additional production. Meanwhile, the complicated procedures including ordering, manufacturing, packaging, commodity inspection, customs clearance, freight, etc, to be finished within less than half a month meant huge pressure and workload. Yet Sinopharm Foreign Trade, having gone through donation of medical supplies for SARS in 2003 and Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, took on the mission as another brave deed to interpret Sinopharm’s corporate concept, i.e. Caring for Life, Attending to Health.

After 14 days of hard work, Sinopharm Foreign Trade finished the mission ahead of schedule when the chartered planes carrying the medical supplies landed in the airports of Dakar, Brazzaville and Lomé–Tokoin.

In the following handover ceremonies, the ambassadors and government officials of the recipient countries extended their great gratitude to the kind assistance of the Chinese government and their acknowledgements to the highly efficient execution of the aid project.

On the evening of November 2, 2014, China’s famous TV program CCTV News Broadcast featured the timely arrival of China’s emergency medical supplies in the Republic of Cango, Togo and Senegal.

The Ebola epidemic is still spreading, yet the deep concern of the Chinese government for African people will never stop. As a state-owned company, Sinopharm Foreign Trade will continue its effort to contribute to China’s aid to Africa and strengthen Sino-African friendship with its efficient work, strong sense of social responsibility and professionalism.    

Picture1:Staff of Sinopharm Foreign Trade checking the supplies

Picture 2-3:Shipments arriving at the airports of the recipient countries On November 1

Picture 4:One of the handover ceremonies