Pharmacy Equipments

SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE is the exclusive agent in China that makes national distribution of ATDPS-automatic tablet dispensing & packaging system and ancillary facilities produced by JVM Korea. By achieving drug classification, drug placement, packaging, print as well as drug storage under the prescription, the device offers a highly automated, accurate and efficient dispensing environment for outpatient, emergency room and inpatient wards for all types of hospitals. The Production range variously from models 84, 100, 150, 200, 208, 240, 244, 330, 350, 400, 500  (these numbers represent the quantity of built-in bottles, i.e. the types of drugs that can be stored). JVM is the only company in the industry field of which its entire production has received European environmental certification of ROHS and the company has always maintained dominant market strengths in Europe and America.


SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE is also the exclusive general agent in China that distributes intelligent medication carts produced by Capsa Solutions U.S. With medication carts, medical carts and mobile workstation carts, Capsa’s reliable products are proven to efficiently maximize control and streamline administration at point-of-care thus present a great anticipation in market share.


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