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Sinopharm Foreign Trade values those who show moral integrity, real talents and good performance. Those with professionalism and excellent skills who identify with Sinopharm's corporate culture and can contribute to the company's development will be welcomed with open arms.
Here at Sinopharm Foreign Trade, respect and rewards go to everyone who is devoted to their jobs, works conscientiously to pursue higher quality and higher efficiency, and has the courage and will to try and the capability and persistence to succeed.
Sinopharm Foreign Trade stands ready to find and train people who are responsible and devoted to Sinopharm's missions regardless of the cost by giving them opportunities to grow and excel. We help them achieve better career development, for we are together in pursuit of a brighter future for China's health industry.
Development is always the top priority, talent the most valuable resource, and innovation the primary growth driver. Sinopharm Foreign Trade strives to put everyone in the most suitable position with an effective selection and appointment mechanism, let everyone do their best with a sound incentive mechanism, and give everyone opportunities to shine with a good competition mechanism, encouraging and inspiring innovations.
Please go to 51job, Liepin, or iguopin website for job opportunities at Sinopharm Foreign Trade. 
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