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We pursue our dream and honor without fear!
We strive to fulfill our responsibilities with ceaseless efforts!
Courage drives us forward and love pushes us through all adversities!
We are here. All for health, health for all.
Sinopharm Foreign Trade is a centrally affiliated state-owned enterprise in the medicine and health sector. It always gives priority to people's health and safety and does its utmost to help solve the most urgent issues in China and deliver what the state and the people expect. Through practical deeds, it truly serves as a pillar for China's economy and people's health.
In the case of major disease outbreaks, disasters and public health emergencies, Sinopharm Foreign Trade always stands at the forefront to secure medical reserves and sufficient emergency supplies. From the severe flood of 1998 to the SARS outbreak in 2003, the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, the Yushu Earthquake in 2010, and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Sinopharm Foreign Trade never failed any of its missions. It also supported many aid missions for Hong Kong and Macao SARs as well as some foreign countries. For these, it has received over 100 thank-you letters from many ministries and commissions under the central government of China, a large number of relevant authorities, numerous foreign embassies and consulates, and various other enterprises and institutions. It has also won the recognition from international organizations such as the WHO and the European Union. Sinopharm Foreign Trade has always been active in fulfilling its political, economic, and social responsibilities as a centrally affiliated SOE, making its contribution to protecting people's health and ensuring social stability.
In the future, Sinopharm Foreign Trade will continue to follow the Sinopharm philosophy "All for Health, Health for All" to honor its spirit of "Aspire and Achieve", integrating corporate social responsibility into its corporate strategy, culture, and daily production and operation. By doing so, it can contribute further to China's national strategies, meet people's desire for a better life, facilitate the healthy and sustainable development of society, and care for people's health.