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Sinopharm Foreign Trade "Tongfu Cloud" Appeared at
the Sinopharm International Innovation Conference

On July 24, Sinopharm International held its work meeting and innovation conference for the first half of 2022. The representative of Sinopharm Foreign Trade presented its independently developed Tongfu Cloud and made a speech themed on innovation-driven development. It is the first time for the Tongfu Cloud to be officially released, attracting attention from a number of participants online and offline.

Tongfu Cloud is an industrial Internet platform of equipment repair and maintenance services under the general requirements of digital transformation and innovation-based development of Sinopharm and Sinopharm International and on the basis of Sinopharm Foreign Trade's long-term development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Tongfu Cloud focuses on equipment repairing, maintenance and services, and links assets owners including hospitals and medical treatment alliances and maintenance service providers. It is intended to provide the two sides with valuable technical services by integrating the resources and leveraging on the platform advantages.

01 Core output

By relying on its mass historical data of equipment repairing, it is capable of analyzing and predicting equipment failure, generating product quality report and market analysis report, and providing data support for assets procurement and service development. The platform shows a siphonic effect, attracting more assets owners and repairers.

02 Our advantages

Compliance: As a leading healthcare company in China, Sinopharm Foreign Trade has its natural advantages including a sound management system for internal control compliance and a strong sense of social responsibility. It strictly abides by China's laws and regulations on network, data and personal information security.

Internalsynergy: It has advantages in the whole industrial chain of Sinopharm and boasts rich resources of medical and industrial assets owners.

Technical advantages: Tongfu Cloud acquired the computer software copyright registration certificate from the National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China in May this year.

03 "Go global"

It has a broad prospect in the overseas market apart from the domestic market. Its businesses involve overseas after-sale services of medical devices of Sinopharm International, repairing and maintenance services of medical devices for overseas projects aided by enterprises directly under the central government, and after-sale services of exported products of Chinese medical device manufacturers.

Tongfu Cloud will gather its advantageous resources to develop a new landscape of equipment maintenance and warranty services by breaking the traditional industrial chain. Sinopharm Foreign Trade will continue to follow the new trends of scientific and technological revolution, create favorable conditions for innovation-driven development, shape more new models for development with first-mover advantages, and keep break new ground for high-quality development.