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Sinopharm Foreign Trade Holds Business Work Meeting
for the First Half of 2022

On the morning of July 27, Sinopharm Foreign Trade held its business work meeting for the first half of 2022. The meeting was held both online and offline, with over 50 participants including Sinopharm International Deputy General Manager and International Business Division President Yan Bing, members of the leading group of Sinopharm Foreign Trade Ding Weizuo, Liu Eyun, Hou Kaifang and Chen Xiangjun, all mid-level managers and responsible persons of all subsidiaries.

On the meeting, the fulfilment of the business indicators of Sinopharm International and its divisions for the first half of the year was presented. The meeting present the overall business performance of Sinopharm Foreign Trade. And in-depth analyses were made on operations and key tasks of business divisions, policy and market environment, etc. On the meeting, data dashboard and model prediction were introduced for the first time for visualized and dynamic presentation of business operations, followed by subsidiaries' reports on their respective business operation of the same period.

Ding Weizuo recognized the company's business performance in the first half of the year in this summary speech, and highlighted the key tasks for the second half of the year. Mr Ding made it clear that we should constantly follow the new trends of China's industrial policies as well as new developments of Sinopharm and Sinopharm International, be keenly aware of new changes of the industry. And we need to ensure steady performance on the basis of policymaking, seek development opportunities in the ever-changing environment and spare no efforts to ensure fulfilment of annual operating goal of the year.

Yan Bing made a speech, noting that we should adopt a thinking on overall innovation and support development of the company by relying on digital and intelligent transformation. Meanwhile, the company should take effective measures to fulfil its principal obligations for rectifying its problems found through discipline inspection. It should also give priority to compliance management, workplace safety, HR management as well as the ability for sustainable development. At the same time, the company need to continue to improve Party building and business integrity for tangible outcomes and ensure high-quality development.