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Sinopharm Foreign Trade Provides the Beijing 2022
Winter Olympic Games with Medical Equipment

Since becoming a supplier of medical equipment for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games (the Games) on September 9, 2021, Sinopharm Foreign Trade has been providing the medical support organizations for the Games designated by the Health Commission of Yanqing District with advanced medical equipment. By the Spring Festival, nearly 50 equipment had been delivered. Integrating the its corporate philosophy of "All for Health, Health for All" into the Olympic spirits of struggle and dedication, Sinopharm Foreign Trade makes contribution to effective medical services for the Games, striving to deliver a "simple, safe and splendid" Winter Olympic Games.

Yanqing Zone, one of the three competition zones for the Games, is the core area for snow sports. Covid-19 control and medical treatment of competing athletes is critical to the overall situation of Covid-19 control and medical services of the Games, representing heavy responsibilities. Fully aware of the importance of medical equipment supply for the Games, Sinopharm Foreign Trade immediately established a special working group to make detailed arrangement.

In spite of tight schedule, heavy task, multiple manufacturers to be coordinated, and difficulties in coordination, the special work group, in accordance with the work requirements of "no pause, no error, no delay", ensured steady overall project operation. The Dept. of Marketing for Medical Device Business led the work in communication with the Health Commission of Yanqing District and hospitals designated for the Games and took part in all operation meetings. Sinopharm Foreign Trade honored its commitments, demonstrating its steadfast determination in sparing no efforts to deliver good services to the Games. The staff of the Dept. of Business Execution for Products Support constantly worked on site in Yanqing, collaborated with the constructor, manufacturers and other relevant parties to schedule overall technical planning, and fulfilling multiple tasks including site investigation, supervision over construction and coordination, etc.

"As the Spring Festival was coming, we encountered enormous challenges due to the shortage of manpower and transportation resources, tight schedule of construction and the rapid resurgence of Covid-19," said Wang Yuting, one of the project leaders. To install the equipment as scheduled, the project team of Sinopharm Foreign Trade strived to overcome various difficulties. When the time of ground airing was not enough to meet the requirements, the staff of the team discussed with the manufacturers in no time, and decided to purchase drying equipment at their own expense. When the fine dust exceeded the upper limit, they rolled up their sleeves to clear the dust on themselves until the dust conditions reached the standard. When the manufacturers of supporting equipment failed to deliver goods due to the insufficient transport capacity, the project team coordinated with all related parties, mobilized resources and finally completed the tasks of pickup, transportation and delivery within a day. Similar good practices were too numerous to mention one by one. Such work has saved much time for as-scheduled installation and operation of equipment. "My thanks go to all the members of our project team. They were ready to take on responsibilities, making the whole team withstand the pressure and fulfil the tasks. Thanks to their efforts, we won the praise of relevant persons-in-charge of the Health Commission of Yanqing District and supporting organizations," said Wang Yuting.

Now, all competitions of the Games were in full swing. With the vision of "Together for a Shared Future", Sinopharm Foreign Trade has fulfilled its mission of providing the Games with high-quality medical devices, showcasing its professional strengths and resource advantages, demonstrating its responsibilities as an enterprise directly under the central enterprise and making contributions to the "fantastic, extraordinary and excellent" Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.