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Sinopharm Foreign Trade Wins Four National Software Copyrights

Recently, "Tongfu Cloud Platform V1.0", "Third-party Business Management Platform V1.0", "Party Affairs Management System V1.0" and "Barcode and QR code identification system for drug packaging V1.0" independently developed by Sinopharm Foreign Trade were granted the computer software copyright registration certificate by the National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China.

The approved four systems/platforms have been applied in in-house management and external service of the company. This is attributable to the long-term IT development of the company, our efforts for business innovation and digitalization based on strategy, market trends and innovation-driven IT applications. Meanwhile, it is also an important milestone of the independent intellectual property rights of Sinopharm Foreign Trade bringing its independent software R&D to a new level.

In the future, Sinopharm Foreign Trade will continue to increase investment in R&D for more solid technological deliveries and more software copyrights. We will give full play to the advantages of intellectual property rights, creating a mechanism for continuous innovation, thus enhancing our corporate governance and contributing to high-quality development.


Tongfu Cloud Platform V1.0  

Contributing to the digital transformation and business model innovation of the company and creating a new management ecosystem for repair and maintenance of medical equipment. In this way, assets owners will enjoy a full lifecycle management involving assets installation, maintenance, repair, tour inspection and warranty; And service providers will have a standardized and well-organized management regarding order taking, task assignment, onsite operation by engineers and service quality monitoring.


Third-party Business Management Platform V1.0

With functions of owner management, owner & goods management, assignment agreement management, management of owner’s delivery list/warehouse entry, record management, statistical analysis, and interface management, this platform will help dock upstream system with the client system, connect downstream with warehouse system and transportation management system thus forming a full lifecycle of third-party medical equipment management system from order placement to warehouse logistics.  


Party Affairs Management System V1.0

This platform has functions of Party member management (including probationary Party members, activists and applicants for Party membership), Party affairs management (covering intra-Party meeting, education, activities and services related to the Party and the people, organizational training and development, and administration management), intra-Party posts, division of Party organizations, and Party member affiliation transfer management, etc. regulate Party affairs and improve the management level of Party affairs.


Barcode and QR code identification system for drug packaging V1.0

Applicable for identification of bar code/QR code on the pharmaceutical package. With the YOLO deep learning model, it pinpoints the bar code and QR code, processes the images in the object area, segments sections of interests, and makes rotation corrections for information identification.