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Full Lifecycle Supply for Elderly Care

To channel high-quality medical resources to local communities and improve the medical and health services at the community level, Sinopharm Foreign Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinopharm Foreign Trade, provided a number of retirement homes and nursing homes with services for smart pharmacy building and pharmacy dispensing process optimization. As an exclusive general agency of the world-famous Korean JVM in China, Sinopharm Foreign Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has deeply engaged in automated pharmacy for years, aiming to ensure that elderly people use medicine in a safer and more scientific way by its professional automatic pharmacy solution.

In the early spring this year, all retirement homes in Shanghai were locked down due to Covid-19 and visiting services there were suspended. As the Covid-19 spread, a number of retirement homes with which Sinopharm Foreign Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd. cooperates were confronted with a big problem of prescription. The retirement homes were in great need of medicines for chronic diseases, while the consumables for automatic pharmacy equipment were to be used up, and about 5,000 elderly inpatients would not get daily oral medicines on time.

When receiving emergency call for supplying medicines to the retirement homes, a resurgence of Covid-19 happened in Beijing, Chaoyang District and Shunyi District where the warehouses are located were locked down and people had to stay at home. Sinopharm Foreign Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd. responded as fast as possible, divided the tasks, applied for onsite work, went through procedures related to goods delivery, coordinated with warehouse and logistics personnel, did work related to Covid-19 control and disinfection, as a result, safe delivery of full-automatic pharmacy equipment and consumables from storage was ensured.

To meet the urgent needs of over 5,000 elderly patients, Sinopharm Foreign Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd., tapped the potential of logistics resources and communicated effectively with various parties. We finally solved the bottleneck of the last-mile delivery of equipment and consumables by overcoming great difficulties in defiance of twists and turns. Within just two days, its truck fully loaded with drug dispensing machines and consumables arrived in Shanghai, solving the problems drug dispensing, ensuring the security of pharmaceutical supply to elderly patients and undisrupted operations of retirement homes and nursing homes during the period of lockdown in a timely manner.

As grey population, chronic diseases and Covid-19 become a normal over time, building an elderly care service system featuring combination of medical treatment, healthcare and a health support system has become a mega trend. Sinopharm Foreign Trade will continue to give play to its expertise, focus on health management of patients with chronic diseases in the post-pandemic era. To better provide support to the regular operations of rehabilitation and health care organizations, Sinopharm Foreign Trade will continue to enhance its ability in offering services of medical treatment and rehabilitation.