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Medical Devices

Business Philosophy   

Attach equal importance to trade in medical devices and the provision of related services, and seek improvements in both the domestic and international markets.


  • Outstanding partnership resources: The company maintains trustworthy and solid partnership with many world-leading medical device manufacturers.
  • Diversified product portfolio: Large medical imaging equipment, clinical test devices, lab equipment, household medical devices, etc.
  • Integrated solutions: Delivery of equipment and corresponding consumables, consulting services, training programs, technical services, and support in various other forms.
  • Complete sales and distribution network: a sales and distribution network that covers the whole country and medical institutions at all levels, with diverse procurement and sales channels in the international market.

Derivative Services

Solutions concerning product design, financial leasing, financial factoring, training for service capacity building, compact county-level integrated healthcare facility building, intelligent hospital solutions, green hospital solutions, etc.

Distribution Model

Authorized distribution, import and export agency, logistics and distribution, centralized procurement tender, etc.

Product Categories

  • Medical devices

Diagnosis equipment: imaging equipment, physical equipment, and electrophysiological equipment.

Treatment equipment: surgical devices, nursing devices, equipment for radiation therapy, dialysis, emergency, physical and chemical tests, etc.

Auxiliary equipment: sterilization equipment, central vacuum suction and oxygen supply system, data processing equipment, etc.

Other medical equipment and personal protection equipment.

  • Household medical devices: oxygen concentrator, nebulizer, devices for rehabilitation and physical therapy, blood sugar control devices, household diagnosis devices, etc.
  • Laboratory devices: biochemical analysis devices, optical devices, electrochemical detection devices, microscopes, etc.
  • Medical education: clinical skill training center solutions, IT-based teaching management systems, IT-based training and learning systems, IT-based examination management systems, simulation teaching products, high-end medical training models, etc.
  • Medical cosmetology  products


Stable partnerships with Siemens Healthineers, Zimmer Biomet, Storz Medical, Pengyang and many renowned companies from homeabroad.

Cooperation Prospects

Sinopharm Foreign Trade stands ready for in-depth cooperation with partners from home and abroad in the field of medical devices to help boost the medical and health industry in China and the world.