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Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Scope of Business

● Import: We can supply high-quality APIs, excipients, and specialty chemicals serving as reductants, catalysts, or absorbents to pharmaceutical enterprises and API producers. In addition, “one-stop” services like corresponding technical support, registration service, warehousing and logistics, marketing, and distribution services are also available.

● Export: We are devoted to introducing reliable and suitable Chinese suppliers and competitive Chinese products for overseas customers, helping Chinese manufacturers secure suitable orders from overseas customers, and striving to push up Chinese suppliers’ management quality with cGMP as the standard.

Mechanisms and Purposes

Adhering to the principles of openness and fairness, Sinopharm Foreign Trade pursues effective implementation, fast progress and, ultimately, success for all its projects while protecting the due interests and intellectual property rights of all parties involved.

Our Customers

Sinopharm Foreign Trade’s customers include renowned multinational pharmaceutical companies, API and excipient suppliers and custom synthesis companies, as well as a number of emerging biotech companies in Asia, North America and Europe. Currently, it serves as a distributor for the Chinese market for Dow’s CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ polyethylene glycol, Novozymes’s enzyme products, and Vertellus’ vitride and citric acid ester products.

Our Projects

● New drug R&D: Sinopharm Foreign Trade provides raw materials, intermediates and APIs for preclinical research, Phases I-III clinical trials, and launch of new drugs.

● Generic drug market: Sinopharm Foreign Trade provides raw materials, intermediates, GMP intermediates, and APIs for renowned generic drug producers.

● Import and distribution of food ingredients: Sinopharm Foreign Trade supplies producers with food ingredients and raw materials.

Requirements for Suppliers

● Honesty and integrity, fast and efficient communication

● Technical Capabilities

A. Strong capabilities for pilot scale test and expansion to undertake production tasks from the kilogram level to the ton level. B. Complete conditions for analysis and tests.

C. Featured biological or chemical synthesis technology and facilities.

● Certification

A. ISO-certified quality management system, controllable and traceable production processes.

B. ICH-certified cGMP management system to undertake custom synthesis projects.

Product Overview

● Dow’s CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ Polyethylene Glycol

Dow is a multinational high-tech company, ranking the second in the world in the chemical industry. Sinopharm Foreign Trade has been its partner for over 20 years and the pharmaceutical-grade polyethylene glycol product is an ISO9002-certified and FDA-approved product and a top choice widely used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and daily chemicals.

Sinopharm Foreign Trade mainly distributes CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ polyethylene glycol 300, 400, 600, 1,000, 1450, 3350, 4000, 6000, and 8000 to meet customer needs in various application.

● Lubrizol Carbomer

Having been a manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients for 35 years, Lubrizol Life Science Health is now one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical-grade carbomer and polycarbophil. Its major products, Carbopol®, PemulenTM, and Noveon® polymers, can be used in both prescription and OTC drug preparations for fluidity modification, membrane viscosity, and sustained or controlled release.

● Vertellus Vitride

Sinopharm Foreign Trade is a major distributor of Vertellus in China. Vertellus, a world-renowned manufacturer of specialty chemicals, mainly produces raw materials for medical and pharmaceutical, personal care, nutrition, and agricultural chemical products. It has production facilities around the world equipped with advanced technologies. Headquartered in Indianapolis, the United States, the company has over 700 employees worldwide.

● Novozymes Industrial Catalytic Enzymes

Sinopharm Foreign Trade has established strategic partnership with Novozymes of Denmark and serves as the exclusive distributor for all its enzyme products for medical and pharmaceutical use. Long-term cooperation between the two sides covers market research, product promotion and sales. Novozymes is a world-leading manufacturer of industrial enzyme preparations and microbiological preparations, with a market share of over 40% around the globe. Novozymes has been ranked as the most sustainable company in the Biotechnology Industry category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for five consecutive years.

● Sinopharm Foreign Trade has established stable partnerships with API manufacturers in Europe, India, Japan and the Republic of Korea etc., enabling the provision of high-quality APIs to its customers.

● Sinopharm Foreign Trade imports probiotic formulas from a number of world-leading suppliers and distributes them all over China through its existing distribution network.

Note: The above tables show only information of the above-mentioned products and they do not constitute any declaration of intention by the company for sales of the above-mentioned products.