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Health Products

Sinopharm Foreign Trade is engaged in the import and export of high-quality health products providing them to various medical, pharmaceutical and food enterprises. The company adopts the ways it manages pharmaceutical manufacturing in the production of health products. Its professional quality management and supply chain management teams are there to ensure a high quality and the competitiveness for all health products it offers to customers.

Sinopharm Foreign Trade boasts many years of experience in the export of cordyceps sinensis, donkey-hide gelatin, and ganoderma spore products and has been highly recognized among overseas customers for quality products and professional services.

The cordyceps sinensis that Sinopharm Foreign Trade exports grow on plateaus with an average altitude of over 4,000 meters where the temperature is very low, the land is covered in snow almost all year round and the ecological environment is quite unique since it is a natural pollution-free pasturing area. The donkey-hide gelatin products are all sourced from Dong’e, the place of origin, with authenticity guaranteed. Authentic raw materials are processed according to science-tested formulas and prepared in traditional ways. The ganoderma spore products are from production bases run by Sinopharm Foreign Trade’s own teams. All products can be traced in a visualized manner along the entire production process. There is only one ganoderma on each tree and each production base is harvested for only one year after environment-friendly cultivation. High-resolution cameras, CO2 detectors, temperature and humidity monitors and many other devices are used to monitor ganoderma growth 24/7 for quality assurance.